Journal Entry 2

I Know What Boys Like

Thurs. 1/19 7–9pm (Mod. One) Results from the IAT Test state “ Your data suggest no automatic preference between Male and Female.” I was not surprised by the results. Because I was fortunate enough to grow up in a home with two working, helpful parents, I do not see gender roles in the same way as one who grew in a single-parent home might see them. I believe having both of my parents in the house really helped become such an independent woman and formulate my own opinion on how men and women should treat each other. I do not only mean in relationships, more so just how people should treat other people. However, I can never undermine the fact that MOST men are biologically stronger than MOST women, therefore, there are certain things that are just “ a man’s job,” as some people would say.

(Mod. Two) Would one say Antonius’ wife Julia holds the power because he has no money? Men still think like this today. As if they are to provide everything and providing nothing makes them less of a man. Because of the interaction between his parents, I would expect Antony to respect powerful women similar to his mother.

I made an interesting notation of Antony’s flaws (“jesting and boastful, drinking horn evidence” etc.) yet he “left among the people of Alexandria a very high reputation” and was thought of as an illustrious man.

Antony is easily manageable when intoxicated, like most people. Curio was able to manipulate Antony. He knew Antony’s “weak spots” and used them against him. The process of manipulation used by Clodius and Curio cannot be assigned a gender. It is like humans, because of our emotions that slightly differentiate us from animals, to manipulate others for our own gain.

I made an interesting notation of Cicero’s opinion of Antony. It is a contradiction to previous views made by others.

Antony is lacking self-control. Although he is in a position of leadership, he is conducting himself as if he is a college freshman who was finally freed from the restriction of mommy and daddy. (His possession of a bad reputation of unserious actions which allow Lepidus to be chosen as Caesar’s colleague instead of him.)

When Antony and Fulvia get married, her dominance is apparent. Plutarch states “She was a woman who took no thought for spinning or housekeeping…but she wished to rule a ruler and command a commander.” In the same way, Julia was seen as more powerful than Antonius, Fulvia is seen as more responsible and authoritative than Antony.

Does becoming the colleague of Caesar the consul calm Antony’s irresponsibility?

Furthermore, Antony begins to display courage, responsibility and humility. He honors Caesar. Because he dressed as a slave in order to deliver messages, I know he still has room to become a better man.

(I made an interesting notation of Antony’s transformation.) He was able to have a meeting with Cicero without being subjugated to alcohol or other manipulativeness’.

I’ve heard somewhere that displaying body parts of an enemy was a sign of pride and power. I’ve never heard of a woman being excited to decapitate or mutilate someone and display the parts. One specific instance I can imagine a woman being grateful for such an act would be after rape.

Fri. 12–3pm (Mod. Two cont.)

The reputation of Pompey the Great versus Antony emphasis the flaws of Antony. This comparison reminds me of two siblings who are opposites. One does well in school, has a job and makes their parents proud, while the other feels like a failure because of their parent’s constant comparison to the child who is more successful. Antony is known for his drunkenness and irresponsibility while Pompey the Great is admired for his positive qualities of leadership. Antony’s reputation discredits his ability to lead in comparison to someone like Pompey the Great.

Plutarch acknowledges the differences in Antony’s actions when he states “Toward the Greeks, then, Antony conducted himself without rudeness or offence, at least in the beginning, nay, he indulged his fondness for amusement by listening to literary discussions…” these actions are very different than those in which he is known to partake.

Dionysus, according to Wikipedia, was sometimes seen as a bearded “manly man” surrounded by beasts and wearing leopard’s skin. Other times he was seen as a young “womanly man.” He was also seen as a sex symbol with many wild female followers. As a man, Dionysus held a form of power unlike one I have seen studying Ancient Greece.

Good leaders must also be good followers. How can someone expect a person to guide effectively and efficiently if they never learned to take orders from others? Antony is rightful to his obedience, even as a leader. As discussed one time in class this semester, the eldest child usually possesses qualities of a leader and Antony is the eldest. They must listen to their parents and be respectful in order to be able to guide the other children.

Cleopatra’s death differs between a suicide and a homicide. If the account of the suicide was true, I feel that it was Cleopatra’s way of seeking attention.

Sat. 1/21 7 — 9am (Mod. Three) Negative traits of a leader: Qualities such as selfishness, boastfulness, greed, dishonesty, lacking humility, consistent lying, deception and one who lacks effective communication skills are traits in which no one who is labeled a leader should possess. Thinking of every negative trait within myself firstly, then thinking of the negative traits of others assisted me with creating this list. With the newly elected president of the United States taking office, qualities of his poor leadership have been unmasked since he has won the election. The misinformed and uneducated secretary of education pick, Betsy DeVos, is another example of poor leadership on his part and hers! Although she sometimes seems confident, she lacks the proper skills to be in a leadership role pertaining to the education of the nation. In the same way, many people felt that Donald Trump was unfit to be our president because of lack of experience.

(I thought this would be funny to include . Lol)

The task in which I completed in order to identify poor leaders can also be used to identify successful and positive leaders. We gain an understanding of ourselves and how we view others when we acknowledge our own poor traits firstly. It also helps us acknowledge exactly what we would like to see in a leader and how that affects the quality of their message.

“Ungendering” leadership would be a feasible task if society did not assign such strict roles and stereotypes to men and women. Although as a people we have progressed from denying women equality in jobs and voting rights, there is still progression to do in which it is “normal” to see a man cry without him having to worry about the livelihood of his masculinity. There are still far too many people who place such a great burden on men to hide their true emotions of sadness and defeat and want women to be submissive to all men.

Sunday 1/22 10pm — 12am (Mod. Four)

Kelly Dittmar makes an excellent point when she addresses the point that “In reality, all candidates “play the gender card” in the ways in which they navigate gender norms and expectations in today’s campaigns.” Since I’ve been alive, I have only witnessed one woman run for president and lead for her party. Therefore gender roles were never a necessity to push for a specific candidate. As seen in the documentary 13th, past presidents have always had an agenda to push who could be tougher on crime or drugs. This very subtle form of machismo went unnoticed until I was old enough to understand the narrative in which candidates were pushing.

(Added after Tues. 1/24 class session) Kelly also discusses what we discussed in class. Do women really have the capability to be in such a leading role and provide for and nurture their families?

(Mod. Five) 1/25 12:30– Kay Steiger’s article entitled “Trump mocked Clinton’s “woman card.” He forgets that makes the election about masculinity” speaks to the entitlement of some men. Donald Trump is not, and has never been, in a position to be able to question ones qualifications for leading the United States. It was very repulsive of him to continually attack Hillary’s gender as if that would help or hinder her from leading the country.

(Class notes) 1/24 11–12:30pm

It was interesting to hear feedback from classmates on why female leaders were less likely to be overindulgent in food, wine or power. It is known worldwide that women are often seen as nurturers and care givers. The natural persona of a female leader, generally speaking, may come off as more genuine than that of males.

We also discussed a book in which the author questions “what motivates a leader to deal with the stress that comes with a leadership role?” As a woman who is an aspiring teacher, it is the passion behind who one is leading and to where one is leading the group or person. For both women and men, I will assume it is the same. Although there are people from both genders whose actions are not always genuine, one must question if the stress of being in a position of leadership is worth the outcome? The outcome may result in defamation of character, losing a close friend or family member because of dishonesty, losing those who follow you or most importantly, losing credibility as a leader and never being able to be in a position of leadership again.

Another thought I had during class discussing the roles of specific genders in positions of leadership pertains to the women that are often “behind” strong male leaders. Take Michelle Obama, Jacqueline Kennedy, Betty Shabazz, Coretta Scott King, Mabel Williams or Shirley Graham Du Bois for example. Where is their credit for helping lift, build and maintain the mental stability of these great male leaders? Although these women were often leaders themselves behind-the-scenes, their husbands get a lot of credit for their roles of leadership. As a woman, I can make a notation of having very few female leaders with no spousal support. I am not undermining the fact that husbands and brothers help carry female leaders as well. However, the lack of a man present makes a female’s position of leadership that much more powerful and significant. However, if a man lacks a woman, whether it be a mother, sister or wife, it does nothing to his image of masculinity.

(A few notes from readings and class because I remember better while writing and not typing. I’m not sure if this counts for anything.)

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