Solution sale needs a Technical salesman

I called the local directory services for a implementing a solar power generator for a small house of around 250 soft. The local directory always share the caller information with the vendors if we accept.

I received a call from a sales woman from a company XYZ. I stopped my car for the sake of explaining the requirement clearly. I described my requirement and the details on how much is the area, the list of equipments to be used and the usage timing, etc. The requirement explanation went for around 2 minutes.

Just after I completed my explanation, the lady on the other side asked, “Sir, Are you looking for Solar power plant ???”. This is really a wired question from a salesman after a customer explaining his complete requirement. I have no other option except asking for someone who knows something technically and hang up the call. This is not the first time I talk to such sales person.

The customer requirement like Solar implementation is a solution and not a product. The requirements vary and the customer looks for a good discussion and a better suggestions. The sales person should be a solution provider than a normal sales man. If you cannot employ a technical sales person, don’t ever try to sell solutions.

There will be at least 20% of the calls that fall into this category of Ignorant sales person calling you. Companies should know what they are selling and whether they have the right sales person portfolio.