A Note on Patience

The forgotten art form that weaves together humanity.

For a really long time, and I mean a really long time, I would subconsciously allow myself to fall under the impression that I alone would have to save everything. In most instances others wouldn't see things the way in which I did, or solve the problem fast enough. Although in many situations this rings to be true; most often it only ends up hurting me in the long run.

This realization it lead me on a journey into realizing that I wasn't alone in this way of thinking. Everyday, first-world humanity wakes up with one thing subconsciously planted into our daily directives.

Look out for numero uno.

This thoughtleads us down paths in which each situation is analyzed by one of the following:

What can I do to make myself look good?

What can I do to come out ahead of this ________? (project, friendship, job and etc)

Or some other question that will eventually propel us towards seeking the path of lone wolf. The sad part about it is that we do this everyday without fail. As time goes on the compounding effects of such a lifestyle eventually surface with a vicious vengeance wreaking havoc on our friendships, families and careers. eventually driving us towards the point of no return and ultimately destruction.

If only we could have a little more patience.

Patience isn't just about waiting a little while longer, or driving the speed limit even if it feels as if you aren't moving, the act of having patience allows us to experience true zen. To some being patient may be associated with weakness and not having ambition. This could never be farther from the truth; to fully exercise patience it requires one to truly be strong and allows us to stand for something. Otherwise we'll fall for anything, like the many ways in which we do now.

Compounding Patience

When being patient is combined with traits like love, kindness, generosity and self-control, we begin to build a recipe for future success. One that will begin to place us on a different path, a path that pushes us to be the best person we can be.

Patience begins to compound in our daily lives by the actions we choose to do. It will eventually make its way into our subconscious. It will become 2nd nature and begin to rub off on those around us. We become partners of change with a mission of creating more good.

It doesn't take much to become a more patient individual. Although with some people, it is a little bit more difficult than with others. What isn’t easy is sticking with it, even when it seems as if it is all just a waste of time.

The best part of it all, is that patience doesn't cost anything, except our egos of course. If any part of our life is to be more humble, then this is something worth losing.

How will you be more patient today?

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