Nick Weaver

Dear Nick and the eero team:

After waiting a full year and 9 days since my preorder, my erro arrived this afternoon — and I can state without the slightest reservation that the wait was worth it. Eero is even better than advertised and even better than my most optimistic expectations.

Setup was quick and simple — so quick my wife didn’t even have a chance to get upset with the several minute interruption in our wifi service while I disconnected the old system to install the first eero. In less than five minutes she was complimenting me on the new and faster wifi. I thought our prior Apple AirPort system was easy to install, but this was even easier and quicker. Eeros two and three were even faster to install than the first. As each of the last two eeros was connected, the network speed increased and the coverage widened.

Unexpectedly, over the several hours since installation, the speed, extent, and quality of the coverage seems to be continuing to improve. We now have totally saturated our home, including my wife’s Netflix streaming in one of the upstairs corners, my son’s X-box in the basement, and everything else in-between — a total of 15 or more of our wifi devices including the new Harmony Ultimate whole house remote.

The only negative, and it’s so minor as to probably not be worth mentioning, is I’m not sure how reliable the built-in speed test is — as I can still stream Netflix and ESPN into the garage without pauses or buffering, even though the app reports a lower download speed in that area. Even if the app is accurate, it must still be several times better than my old AirPort system was with several AP extremes as range extenders (including one in the garage) where signals still used to drop out on a regular basis.

All the devices were fantastically easy to set up, and I’ve already issued several guest texts and emails to visitors who previously had to sign into our our system, but are now part of our guest network when they’re in our home.

While I still wish it hadn’t taken so long, I don’t care any more — eero works, and it works great.

Thanks so much for a great, great product.


PS: Thanks from an old Stanford graduate to a newer one. Beat Cal!

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