FIMPRO, A Cultural Destination for Latin Music

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For the second time, FIMPRO, a hub for the newest trends, sounds, and technology in the music business, hosted one of the most significant events for Latin American music. For four days in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, producers, musicians, scouts, and aspiring talent come together to showcase their work in a space designed for the cultural empowerment and positioning of Latino and Hispanic music entertainment. It’s music for Latinos, by Latinos. This is also the second year I was invited, and it was a thrill to see how this organization has grown.

As a video content producer, and a music enthusiast, it’s always important for me to keep up with the latest movements in the industry, and FIMPRO provides that opportunity. I was invited to speak at a couple of panels, discussing subjects like “How to Convince Music Supervisors” and music opportunities for Latinos in the US market. Guadalajara being one of my favorite cities in the world, I took the time to experience not only all the musical and cultural offerings but also, the food.

-FIMPRO is not only a networking event, but it is also mainly a cultural experience focused on music, where many bands from around the world play live. This year, I had the chance to see colombian trio Diamante Electrico perform on the C3 stage. Also, one of my favorite moments happened one night out in the city. I was hanging out with a few friends I made at the conference, and we ended up at a FIMPRO after-party in a beautiful colonial house, where the band Trocker played in the courtyard, and hundreds of people were packed around the ground floor and the second-floor balconies, looking over as they performed.

I always like to connect with people, and being in Guadalajara during this event helped me know more about up-and-coming bands and aspiring musicians. One of my favorite activities is being in speed meetings, where you get to sit down with a large number of individuals in a short period of time — something that would be impossible to do in any other setting. Out of those speed meetings, I was able to listen to new music and then took some time to do another of my favorite things: making a playlist.

Click here to listen to my top picks from this year’s FIMPRO. This year’s FIMPRO was truly a wonderful experience, as well as a productive couple of days to share and spend time with colleagues in the industry from Latin America and all over the world.

Originally published at on June 1, 2016.

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