7 things I did to reboot my life.
Wil Wheaton

Nice one Wil. I too carried out a kind of ‘reboot’ earlier this year, and it involved lots of similar things. The best effects I found were definitely the boost from exercise and the reading more (plus stopping smoking, but seems you’ve been wise enough to avoid starting that one altogether). It really is awesome to feel so much better about yourself; in my head I called the whole thing ‘Project self-improvement’ which, although admittedly a tad wanky, summed it up I think.

Eating healthily though, I’ve just found so tough. I’m no cook, and the simplest, cheapest and quickest way for me to eat is just to pick up a ready meal. Would be nice to know what tips or hacks you had in this area in particular.

Good luck on the journey!

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