How we made a logo for architect

Today I’ll share you the process of interesting logo that we were working on for two months. It is quite a long time, but the client was fully satisfied with the outcome, so as we.

The client is Oz Minasov, Israeli architect and interior designer. He works with urban and suburban real estate, and offering his service to customers across the globe.

We started our work with learning of his portfolio, and instantly got a first idea.

In searching for idea

We’ve combined three axes of the inner corner of the room with blueprint, focusing on architecture and interiors at once.

First drafts

After sketching on a paper, we’ve decided to look on it in action.

First version of the logo

In the logo, one axis divides “O” diagonally, the lower half of which is made as sketch, while the upper remains as a letter. The other two axes made a form of right angle, a good place for signature.

The logo turned out quite dynamic:

Example of logo on outdoor ads

We’re presented this result to the client, but he had declined it: such logo didn’t fit.

After meeting, we came up with a new solution — to use house building as the sign and make accent on architecture. As a reference, Oz sent us picture of the building he likes.

Correia/Ragazzi Arquitectos

So we started to work on a new drafts. This time we wanted to show a unity of architecture and nature.

Sketch, take #2
Building in perspective

To the house on the rock we’ve added a signature made of Oz name and the first letter of his last name. Here is the outcome:

We presented this version to the client. He liked the idea with signature, however, the house still had to work. Also, Oz asked to remove bold black lines and simulate pencil sketch, while make font more eloganted.

At first we’ve decided to take care of the house, and drawn a new sketch:

But after yet another discussion we’ve decided to get rid of this idea.

Meanwhile, we began to create a font:

Similar to Oz first and last name, we created signature “Architecture And Interior Design”:

And merged it into a sign, the shape of which looks like a building:

While working on that, we’ve got a new idea: to combine pencil shading and the silhouette of the house.

The client liked it. We thought that would be nice to use Oz own designed building for this sign, but eventually he changed his mind to completely change concept of the logo, and get rid of the building silhouette.

So, we brought back to drawing again. This time we’ve decided to work on the symbol made of Oz initials — “O” and “M”, which stands for Minasov.

Drafts with initials

We chose two ideas out of this, and started to work on them.

The first idea — ligature of O and M letters
The second idea — a sign made of M and A, from architecture

Oz really liked the first one — ligature of O and M. Also, he enjoy the fact that this sign reminded him a silhouette of fish.

We worked more on this, and as the result, the sign got several transformations throughout the way:

Transformations of the sign

Next up we had a task to combine sign and font parts into single piece. Since the sign is rounded and wide, and the letters are elongated, together they did not look very harmonious. So we tweaked this a bit more:

Then we colorized it using gradient on the O letter:

Color version, and with shades of gray. Approved version

Once the logo was done, we started to work on the business cards. Based on the font that we’ve made for logo, we created a text on Hebrew.

Here are the two business cards ideas that we sent to the client:

Text in Hebrew and English on the face and the flip sides
Information in Hebrew and English on different sides

Both options didn’t fit.

We came up with a new idea: to make sign bolder, and business cards background with black.

On black paper is preferable to print with metallic inks (gold, silver, bronze), so we showed new variations in different color schemes.

Flip side
Face side

The client approved it, and absolutely enjoyed the outcome. After that we’ve made a few minor tweaks and presented him the final version.

Business cards final outcome

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