Real Estate 101: What Makes a Good Neighborhood?

When you look at real estate, you should remember that you’re not only buying the property but are also buying into the neighborhood. Do you want to live in a quiet suburban neighborhood with tree-lined streets, or do you prefer living in a hip condo downtown conveniently located near malls and offices? Giving thought to these and considering the following factors will give you a better understanding of what makes a particular neighborhood the ideal location to buy a home.


A nice and clean local park with lush vegetation and tall trees within or near your neighborhood is a great feature. If you have kids, the park is a good place to take them to and spend lazy weekends at. If you’re enthusiastic about keeping in shape, the local park is the ideal place to run in the morning or afternoons. Some pet owners also consider looking for homes in neighborhoods with a nearby dog park.

Similar Lifestyle

Buyers don’t only look at the floor size or the number of bedrooms in a house; they also take into account whether or not the house is located in a neighborhood that fits their current lifestyle. A family might prefer living in a gated community or in a location that is near schools. Working single men and women, on the other hand, might prefer living in condos located near their offices, the bus stations, or the subway.


Many families prefer to move into new homes that are near the schools that their children attend. Neighborhoods that are situated near areas where there are grocery stores, coffee shops, libraries, farmers markets, malls, or local restaurants are also usually preferred by buyers due to the convenience they offer.


Safety and security are everyone’s concern, so it’s only natural for buyers to look at the security of the neighborhood. An area with a consistently low crime rate or that has a declining crime rate usually indicates that it’s one of the safer neighborhoods in the city and an ideal place to live in.

There might not be one neighborhood that has all of these, so you should know how to compromise. List down your absolute must-haves in a neighborhood and exclude the “wants”, and then let your agent help you find the real estate that fits your requirements.

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