No one gets out alive

Who makes it out? Anyone..

It is that unknown belief that once we are gone, something is left …

Will these words be read in 1000 years by a far reaching relative or inquisitive stranger?

Will my memory be kept for star travelling generations to be used as example for post apocalyptic earth?

The answer, probably not but you just never know.

One thing for sure is, if you create nothing, then you leave nothing.

This is fine if we are talking about pollution but what about your time here, what is its purpose.

For me I choose to create. Be it in written form, Digital form or the relationships I have.

It is important for us all to be honest In our passions, thoughts and beliefs.

For without that we are just sheep — following the other. Trailing across the same paths, ignoring our own way.

So before the lights go out, follow that light inside and create something of worth that the future can hold.

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