How To Maintain Solar Rooftop Plants

Making sure that solar electric or photovoltaic (PV) system is sized, sited, installed, and maintained correctly is the first and foremost criteria for maintenance. These parameters are essential for maximizing its energy performance.

An efficient and long-lasting system will depend on a periodic check of system components and completion of any preventive maintenance as necessary. It is mandatory to follow manual provided by the manufacturer in order to maintain equipments. In the event of a system malfunction, effective troubleshooting and repair is necessary. Maintaining solar rooftop plants as compared to utility scale is quite complex. Hence rooftop plants should be maintained with some advanced strategies.

Below are the parameters which must be looked at to maintain solar rooftop plants:

Periodic Maintenance & Monitoring

*. Cleaning panels
*.Clearing vegetation , bird drops , shading
*.Checking electrical connections (thermal imaging) , loose connections , string current
*.Calibration : Sensors , SCADA/ Monitoring system
*.Inverter functionality
*.Corrective , reactive ,Ad-hoc Maintenance
*.Condition based Maintenance
*.Diagnose through Data monitoring (Monitoring system with data archive)
*.Trainings and workshops

Every organization must have their standard operating procedure for each activity and must be implemented at site level. These will surely help to increase the generation and benefit the client commercially as well.