Rush DSP — Beta Kappa Fall 2016

Dear Potential New Members,

My name is Yuna and on behalf of the Beta Kappa Chapter of the International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi, I encourage and invite all of you to join us for our Fall 2016 recruitment process. Every semester we select a different theme that embodies the spirit and vision of the fraternity. The theme of this semester’s rush is “Good things come in gold”.

Gold represents many things (power, success, strength, prosperity, and more). Since our primary colors are purple and gold, we want to share with you all the aspects of our lives that have the qualities of gold and how Delta Sigma Pi ties to them.

Delta Sigma Pi is known for being the most professional fraternity in the nation. Although we strive to create a culture that values professionalism, our objective is to prepare ourselves through a well rounded, holistic approach for our future and careers.

As students, we establish goals that are fueled by our individual ambitions. Delta Sigma Pi encourages you to aspire, to be driven, and to gain confidence in all your capabilities. We are not a brotherhood with the same goals. We embrace the diversity of our backgrounds, interests, and majors. This sets us apart from many other groups within the university.

Delta Sigma Pi encourages you to aspire, to be driven, and to gain confidence in all your capabilities.

Mentorship. Community. Professionalism. Success. Diversity. Brotherhood. This is why I joined Delta Sigma Pi. This organization has been one of many decisions that assisted my personal growth and development. Without this family, I would not have gained cherished experiences or a strong foundation of support. I would not have had an internship this summer, academic assistance to excel, or better understanding of the business world. This organization has given me leadership opportunities and key experiences of a lifetime.

I challenge you all; whether it is with our organization or the other thousands at UT, treat your time as an investment. Invest in those who invest in you, and spend your time with people who will help you succeed in life. Be yourself. This is what we value in this fraternity, and I am forever grateful for it.

Rush DSP. Share the aspects of your life that have the quality of gold. We want to get to know you, and help you excel.


Yuna Chu

Senior Vice President

Delta Sigma Pi | Beta Kappa

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