Bible Is Not Mythology

While God certainly wants us to see the value and reliability of scripture, the world around us continues to put up a series of objections to justify their denial of God’s Word. The first is simply that the Bible appears to be just another source of mythology. They say this because they claim that many of the stories in the Bible resemble Greek Mythology. They also argue that some of the stories in the Bible are similar to other ancient stories and are simply a reflection of ancient thought and myth. And finally, the world still often resists the concept of the miraculous, and point to the presence of miracles to demonstrate the Bible as a collection of fables. But while people might argue that some of the stories have minor resemblances to other mythology (the notion that a God would come back to life, for example) we simply need to show them that very little of what is common to Greek mythology is present in our Bible. You do not see the presence of strange half human creatures (like minotaurs, etc.) or other weird beings. In fact, it is very hard to argue that the plethora of strange gods and creatures has any Christian or Jewish parallel.

But is that really true? Part of the problem is that we sometimes think that the Bible is supposed to be some kind of science manual, designed to explain everything about how we got here. Maybe that comes from hearing that the Bible has all of the answers to life’s tough questions. But what kinds of questions? If I am looking for information on how to configure my computer, I don’t turn to the Bible. If I’m looking for information about how to tune up my car or motorcycle, I don’t turn to my Bible. If I’m looking for advice about how to plant my back yard, I don’t turn to my Bible. But some people who want to discredit the Bible, would argue that all scientific answers should be found in the pages of scripture. Scripture is designed as a manual of sorts, but not a science manual. The Bible has been given to us by God so that we can understand who He is, and who He has designed us to be. It is a spiritual manual, and it does explain something of our origin only because our origin (how we got here) has something to do with God’s plan for our lives But don’t try to find detailed answers to scientific questions here. That’s not what God has given us in the Bible. He certainly could have, but that is not what’s important to God. He cares more about our spiritual life than anything else.

Since I can’t find out from the Bible how to tune up my car, how to fix my computer, or how to plant plants in my back yard, I pray and ask Holy Spirit for direction. After all, Jesus did say that when He the Holy Spirit comes, He will guide me into all truth. There have been times when I asked Holy Spirit questions about how to do something or the best way to do something. He’s with me and living in me twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. I will write another blog going deeper into the person of the Holy Spirit.

OK, follow this train of thought: (1) the Bible can be demonstrated to be reliable, (2) so we can believe what we read about Jesus, (3) so we can see that Jesus is God, (4) Jesus said that the Bible is more than reliable, it is the Word of God, (5) since it comes from God, the Bible is infallible! If all of this is true, why doesn’t the world turn to this book for direction? It is the one source of infallible truth in our world and it is here for a reason!

All of scripture was given to us for a reason. It’s not so we can win arguments or think we’re more important than the world around us. Scripture is given to us for a better reason. It is here to point us to God and to point us to the God-Man, Jesus Christ. It is a book about REDEMPTION. Being reunited with God. Becoming His friend once again.