Morning Callback

We’ve been rounding out our MVC knowledge with some jQuery and Ajax. I still have a good way to go until I completely grasp Ajax, but so far the stuff that we’ve been doing (creating and activating delete buttons for example) has been within reach of my understanding. Which is why I was so frustrated this weekend when I couldn’t get a delete button to work on a simple application! Insert Lewis Black cursing spree. After spending more time looking for the problem than it took to actually write the models, controllers, and views, I have given in. A fresh pair of eyes is sorely in need. What’s the deal jQuery? I thought we were friends.

As I prepare for another week at NSS I try to look back at last week and see what I can do better this week. Our abilities were tested last week. Although I get nervous with tests and my system feels like its shutting down, the tests did shine a spotlight on my weak points. One important takeaway is that I really need to make sure my files are organized from beginning, and if it feels like I’m starting to rush because I’m nervous I need to take a deep breath and remember: everything in its right place. Make sure the routes are pointing to the right controllers, which are rendering the right views (or redirecting to the right urls).

I still need to look at previous repos sometimes to make sure that my models are written correctly, but I’m getting much better at writing callbacks whenever they’re called for. I’m still hesitant on some mongodb stuff, but I’m getting there. This week I’ll make time to practice querying with mongo.

On the front-end, jQuery is still new, but I’m getting used to its ways. Pretty nifty to be able to select any element from the DOM (after the document has loaded, of course) and manipulate it. Apparently I still need a bunch of practice with selecting the right ids and classes to make some of my buttons work. Hopefully these issues will get resolved today so I can get some closure. We’ve been doing some fun browser stuff with jQuery (setting up a canvas and a color selector, for example). The browser feels a lot more interactive now.

I still need to practice my css styling. My sites have not been looking very good. I’ve been devoting more time to understanding the engine rather than the frame, but now that I feel like the engine makes sense (for the most part) I need to start focusing more on making the outside nicer. I look forward to the day when I can devote a nice chunk of time to css because everything in my site works!

Takeaways to apply this week:

  1. organize your folders so that your routers point to your controllers and your controllers to your views
  2. practice jQuery css selectors and manipulating/traversing the DOM
  3. practice queries with mongodb
  4. start paying more attention to css layouts

5. breathe deeply

6. have fun

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