Eye Contact

Eye Contact

Where do you look during a conversation?
I’ve tried everything imaginable.
Middle of forehead.
Switch from eye to eye.
Something not face-related, perhaps in the background
But still in the general vicinity of their head,
and various rotations of the above.
I haven’t found one that works.

Feels awkward
to converse while trying to decide
whether to look
at their left eye or their right eye
or a clock or whatever behind them.
Feels even more awkward
that I stress over it at all.

everyone would have
a small mark somewhere on their face
to indicate proper eye positioning.
In theory, it’s achievable-
I have a Sharpie.
No idea, 
practically speaking, 
how I’d go about dotting seven billion faces.
Much less where to put the dots-
That was the problem to begin with.

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