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Web Design Companies in Malaysia is DSS Software Solutions.DSS-HRMS helps small-to-medium-sized businesses efficiently reduce the cost and effort of HR administration. The company can have HRMS customized to fit its unique needs, such as company-specific HR processes that may not be available in the standard system.

DSS-HRMS allows users to make bulk updates and HR can access all pertinent information on an employee’s record within a single screen. Employee information and other functions are available anytime, anywhere, so HR can access them, even after regular business hours. The software also has online timesheets that capture employee time data, as well as time data approval workflows for payroll processing purposes. It has a reporting functionality that can create and share reports in a short amount of time; allows users to select pre-built reports as well as creating custom-built reports for sharing. Because creating reports only takes a few clicks, it saves hours of time for HR. The reports can be exported to Excel and PDF. Another important feature is email alerts — alerts can be set up for any reminders, such as employees’ anniversaries, benefits renewal, performance evaluations, etc.


* Workforce automation

* HR reporting

* Employee & manager self-service

* Attendance tracking

* Leave management

* Employee hiring management

* Performance management

* Compensation management

* Benefits administration

* Learning development & succession planning


* Repetitive tasks are automated

* HR provided with more time in critical aspects of their jobs

* Manager & Employee self-service functionality

* Easy implementation & learning

* Choice of deploying in the cloud or on-premise

* Integration to third-party systems (payroll & attendance)

Get More details on : http://dsssoftwaresolutions.com.my/

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