Skimboard Hawaii: Hapuna Beach

Paradise. Most people would argue that paradise could be the official name of Hawaii. Why is that? Some would argue it’s the food. Some say the weather. Others say it’s the ocean. Or the scenery. Many different arguments come as to why Hawaii is a literal paradise. Regardless of the school of thought, the idea is the same — riding your skimboard in Hawaii is a literal paradise.

When you combine a passion with an amazing location, you create amazing experiences. On my trip to the Big Island, just that happened. I lugged my board all the way from sunny Southern California to Hawaii. Walking into LAX with my skimboard around my shoulder gathered some confused looks from bystanders. The best was the baggage checker.

“What’s in the bag?” he asked.

“A skimboard,” was my beaming reply.

“A skin board?” was his bewildered response.

“Yeah, a skin board,” I replied between chuckles.

I went through that ordeal at every airport, and even with my step-mother-in-law. It’s always a good time.

After getting settled in at our condo, and settled in mentally at the paradise we were partaking of, we did a quick Google search for the best beach close by and decided upon Hapuna Beach.

You know when you are going somewhere and it feels like you’re on a movie set? That is Hapuna Beach. And that is skimboarding in Hawaii.The sand was smooth, almost-white and warm between our jetlagged toes. The water was clear. I mean clear. You could see the bottom of the ocean floor. Out on the left side of the beach was black molten lava rocks that had formed into caves, cliffs, and crannies perfect for exploring. Upon throwing all our gear down and running into the beautiful ocean, our hopes were fulfilled; the water was a perfect temperature of about 72 degrees.

After swimming around and repeatedly remarking at how amazing this dream-like experience was, I decided to pull out my two-day old Wave Zone Skimboard. The waves were very small, especially in comparison to Laguna Beach where I had just been two days before, but it didn’t change the level of enjoyment I was experiencing. I rode over and over, barely taking the time to rest! The story-like day I was experiencing couldn’t afford that wasted time catching my breath.

Most people there looked as though they had never seen a skimboard, which seemed strange to me being that I was in Hawaii, but most seemed to have a sense of curiosity and engagement with my activity. A great part of Hapuna Beach and skimboarding in Hawaii is that the people are beyond friendly. They all have a passing comment, remark or facial expression of, “Welcome to Hawaii… it really is as good as they say it is”.

When you head to the Big Island be sure to pack your board and prep for the most enjoyable skimboarding experience you can think of. Hapuna Beach is a must visit; it’s family friendly, centrally located to many of the condos, and generally free. Comment below and let me know of your favorite tropical skim spot around the globe. Skim on!

Originally published at on August 15, 2016.