Why Do You Need a Blog?

Blogging as a Professional

There are two major advantages to blogging and staying (relatively) professional about it. First, you have the ability for others to reach out to you and network in ways bigger than you could imagine. Last year, I wrote a post about my experiences of achieving my dreams when I was living in New York City, working with Bloomberg, LP. The post received over 1,000 views (the second closest post had 200) and I received Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter messages, texts, and phone calls from people reaching out saying how they enjoyed the post and potential employers asking if I could grab coffee at some point. If I had not written that post, those people never would have contacted me, and I never would have had those opportunities to network with different people. When you start to blog, you open those opportunities and more up to yourself.

Blogging to Build Communication Skills

Unless you are planning on becoming a nomad who lives in the middle of some uninhabited mountain region, you will have to talk to people for the rest of your life. To be fair, most of these conversations will be surface level and meaningless, but sometimes you will actually have to have deeper and more thoughtful conversations with individuals, such as your loved ones, friends, coworkers, potential investors, or even total strangers. We need to have the social skills to maturely and correctly have these mind-scratching conversations.



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Dan Starner

Dan Starner


A guy just trying to live his best life. Software engineer @Heroku. This is my non-technical blog…Technical blog: https://dev.to/dstarner