Watson Studio Desktop now includes Notebooks & Database support

Watson Studio Desktop, the PC/Mac version of our popular Watson Studio Cloud offering, today adds three exciting new features. These features are in both the trial and paid Subscription of Watson Studio via an in-product update. Give them a try by starting a trial here.

Python 3 Jupyter Notebooks

First, Watson Studio Desktop now includes Python3 Jupyter Notebooks that work seamlessly with the other desktop tools of Data Refinery and SPSS Modeler. To get started, simply go to “Add to Project->Notebooks”. The first time you add a notebook to a project, you are prompted to download and install the Notebook environment, after which you’re ready to code. See more details here on how to get started.

Within a project, just click on “Add to Project” then “Notebook” to begin spamming and egging away

Database Connections

Second, Watson Studio Desktop now includes a wide variety of new remote connections. Desktop now supports Amazon Redshift, Dropbox, FTP, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and many, many more. To get started, simply to go to “Add to Project” then “Connections”.

Check out this huge list of new database and remote connections

SPSS Modeler Jython Scripts

SPSS Modeler in Watson Studio now adds Jython script support. This was the #1 request from our SPSS Modeler users, so we prioritized this feature. This popular feature allows users to coordinate complex scenarios with their Modeler stream because the scripts can manipulate nodes, set the values of variables, and much more. Learn how to access Jython scripts here.

In SPSS Modeler, just Right click on Canvas -> Flow Properties -> Scripting for Jython Scripting

Begin a 30 day trial today

Give these new features a try by starting a free 30 day trial here. By the way, all the above features are now also available in Watson Studio Cloud and coming soon for behind-the-firewall site-wide deployment in Watson Studio Local. Stay tuned for more exciting Watson Studio feature announcements over the coming months!

Python3 Notebooks running in Watson Studio Desktop (your Monty Python references await!)

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