BCAS paramedic Clive Derbyshire in the alleyways of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Photo by Jassa Campbell

That’s the vital question at the heart of producer/director Kevin Eastwood’s deeply insightful and heart-stirring documentary AFTER THE SIRENS, a look at the ramifications of being an Emergency Paramedic in today’s challenging times.

Powerfully revealed through candid first-hand accounts of three Paramedics, the film underscores the perils suffered by those who “just want to help” via caring for survivors of traumatic events like accidents, suicides and murders.

The upshot is everything from depression, drug and alcohol addictions and extensive Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to the very worst–the rate of suicide among paramedics is 5 times the national average.

Dealing with…

Dugg Steary

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