Decentralization Factors: Efficiency

So far, we've been talking about ingredients that comprise decentralized systems. Efficiency is a little different in that it motivates and rewards decentralization. Even though it isn’t an ingredient, it is important factor to cover.

Agents in this type of system gather information directly and receive limited guidance from any one entity. This means they are seldom delayed by singular points of failure or congestion. They are efficient in time.

Knowing there is no leader, they are also compelled to take more ownership of their actions and of the network itself. Ownership brings an efficiency of self-interested decision-making.

Efficiency is a stretch goal for Rein. We remove the fees and bureaucracy that come with existing platforms but visibility for jobs and workers will be a challenge. Rein simply requires more independent coordination around a paid task than with other systems.

Like Bitcoin, we are creating a new core service on top of which, niceties like Web sites and marketing campaigns can be built. Before we go there, however we must achieve critical mass to support a network of paid servers to deliver on the efficiency promise.