Decentralizing Professional Services

David R. Sterry
Jan 31, 2016 · 1 min read

Rein is an experiment in decentralized labor.

For years demand has been growing for decentralized markets, but even as the need has become clearer, it remains unfulfilled.

Centralized markets have come and gone while decentralized projects like OpenBazaar have an overly broad mission that ignores the key value proposition for Bitcoin and decentralized markets.

Nobody can stop your Bitcoin payment from being confirmed. Similarly, nobody can stop trade in a decentralized market.

Just as using Bitcoin for storefront retail misses the point, so too does the use of a decentralized market to sell pet food or cookies. It makes for a nice tweet, but risks distraction from greater economic impact.

Rein brings together Bitcoin, multisig escrow, microhosting servers, ECDSA-signed documents and balanced incentives to create a decentralized labor market. With it, we have the potential to grow trustless trade, improve accountability, and reduce friction.

If you want to try out the alpha, download the client or visit

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