Netflix is on F***ing Fire
James McNab

I so much prefer my services of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu over both time warner and dish. What I want, when I want it, limited commercials (or none) and no need for a DVR.

When I first “cut the cable” I was really surprised by going through “withdrawal”. I was actually Jonesing for my “Entertainment Fix.” Yes I felt kind of empty and that was the sign there was now a void in my life. This was a major surprise on my life and even months later I’m still adjusting.

I had heard of people cutting the cable before but had no idea the amount of time, research, and money this decision would involve.

(As this story evolves I’ll add new paragraphs every so often — it’s a bit of an ongoing story. I’ll do my best to keep everyone in the loop. If you think my journey can be helpful, keep liking my story and I’ll work of finding time each week to add to it. Thanks. D. Steven, 1/5/16)