Any Big moves in the week ahead ? …But Where?

Hello everyone.

So this weekend, in place of a YouTube video, I am writing this blog, wherein we will first discuss what we had spoken about last week, and then try to understand, what moves are probable in upcoming week.

The market took out the mentioned resistance of around 10650 with ease, converting that level into support during subsequent pullbacks. And we marched ahead towards the next level of around 10880, ending the week around 10760 finally. The strong trend, thus sustained well.

The stock of JSWSTEEL that was appearing…

Here is a Review of Diwali Stocks mentioned in article posted on last Diwali. Most performed satisfactorily. Except pharma names.

About Jetairways. No one ever knows outcomes for sure. TATAs were expected to take it over. But… TATAs said tata to it. Can’t help.
All that one must do is...keep made 42 percent returns in few mths...b4 it fell. There was enough time for booking the gains. Shdn’t let that kind of gains turn negative.

Discipline for D-street winners….an article by Dstreetwinners

I recently wrote a guest post for a Trader/Colleague, for his website ( The topic was “Trading Discipline”. Sharing herewith, the same article. Hoping the readers enjoy the same. Let me know your comments on the write-up, below the article.

Trading Discipline

When one speaks on topics like discipline, it can often appear like a moral science class. When one writes on this topic like what I am doing now, it can again appear an easy topic to write on. Well; fact of the matter is, it could be easy to speak and…

Bank Nifty — It is important for it to cross above 30400 to continue the current leg of uptrend; and all the more important to sustain 29750 on lower side. If not; then it could lead to deeper cuts. Chart looks a little weaker compared to chart of Nifty. Levels of 11600 and 11700 could probably be crucial to watch for the main index. Levels are of futures charts.

Stocks that could probably exude strength include names like :

ULTRACEMCO @ 4186 and

LICHSGFIN provided-above CMP @ 541 and

MARUTI @ 7374 — after some consolidation .

Some weakness could…

DIWALI 2018 — Chart Study From Longer Term Perspective.

As published in Vyaapaar Samachar and in Gujarati

Namaste…Hello….and Welcome to D-Street Winners Blog!

If you are from the Stock Market Community, you ought to be talking stocks, while the rest of the universe talks shopping/family/festivities/celebrations. While on rest of the days you work in western formals, during Diwali you are permitted to doll-up in ethnic Indian wear, and work in D-street….So that’s the difference you see :-) Without this, you are not really considered happening ….Whoopssss ;-) :-)

So sticking to the norms of looking for stock ideas on…

My article as published in “Vyaapaar Samachar”-The Business Newspaper, few days back.

Analysis for Last Month; and Planning for Next

Dated 21st Oct 2018

It is said that; the festival of Vijaya Dashmi, signifies ultimate victory of good over evil, or say green over red and bull over bear? Will we see this victory in near term? Well, even if we do, there’s big damage caused till date. Yes, victory always comes at a cost, and the cost can well be in terms of time, patience as well as faith. Every good story/stock will turn positive one day, but a player has to ask him/herself: Do I have that kind of time…

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