Manoj Mathew, M.D. (Eventually)

By Darion Strugs

The first time I met with Manoj Mathew, we talked about the lab he worked in and the experiment he was working on. The interview can be found here.

I followed up with Manoj two months after out first interview. This time we dive deeper into his life, including the conclusion of his mosquito experiment, his recent trip to Portland and life in a pre-medical fraternity.

Mathew working with the mosquitoes
Mathew holding a poster with the data of the mosquito research he conducts with his boss in the lab
Mathew holding the second place award he won in Portland for his 10 minute presentation on his research
Manoj showing off his Phi Delta Epsilon letters.
Φ Δ Ε is where Mathew says he found people with similar interests and struggles. On the left, the fraternity presented him with the “Best Sense of Humor.” Also him and his cousin, Steven Chacko, whose name is spelled wrong on the certificate. On the right he holds the paddle his little Chris __ made for him.
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