Benefits Of Using Single-page Websites

Recently, I’ve keep coming across tons of fabulous single-page websites. If you are still wondering what single-page site actually is, then read that word “Single-page” again! Its name already told it all! Basically, it’s nothing but a single page without any additional pages.

One thing makes it special is the navigation of the page are linked to some particular sections of that page. You just need to click to any of navigating links, the page will do its job bringing you to that particular section. Or you can go there by scrolling the mouse and taking the journey by your own. You see, in the world that people seem to be bombarded with too much content, the simplicity and straight-to-the-point of single-page websites will be the users’ ideal choices.

To make my point clear, I bring to you a full list of benefits of using single-page websites:

Say Goodbye To Loading…And…Loading

According to Hosting Facts, “A single second delay in your website loading time can result in a 7% loss in conversion, and 40% of web users will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load”. Nobody likes waiting for so long! It’s quite obviously that attracting a potential customer is hard enough, grabbing their interest and retaining them is even more difficult. Then, the question is how can we do that?

With single-page websites, everything will be a piece of cake! The single web pages load much more faster. Everything visitors need is on the first and only page! Visitors accessing to your pages are just like joining a buffet party without line where they can get to exactly what they’re looking for.

Much Cheaper

With traditional websites, you have to design and develop numerous pages that not only waste your time, but also squander your money. Single-page websites give you a hand to take away all this mess. Just one page with a description for each of the product is sufficient! You don’t have to create tons of pages which contain less than four sentence each. Additionally, one page sites tend to be smaller which saves on your web spaces, bandwidth expenses and result in reduced hosting cost.

Quality Over Quantity

When you have a single-page website, there’s not so much place for you to clutter up. You’re forced to simplify thing to their essential components. Truth be told is your visitors aren’t looking for essays. Who has got the time to read volumes of text unless a person is here to read a novel? What they want to know is who you are and what you do. A good single-page site should concentrate on what sets you apart and why YOUR company is the one visitors need.

Scrolling Is Intuitive

According to a recent study conducted over the internet: “People prefer to stay and scroll across the same page rather than having to click through multiple pages before they find what they are looking for”. Infinitely scrolling offers visitors some pretty exciting experience. They scroll down, there’s more so they continue to go down some more. That somehow makes visitors curious and keeps them stay longer.

Moreover, it also opens the door for us to use storytelling to increase conversation and inspire visitors to take action.

Differentiate You

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