Dr. Chum & the Taoist Terror

Author: David S. Wellhauser
 Genres: Action Adventure, Comedy, Fabulism, Magic Realism, Paranormal, Supernatural
 Tags: Action, Adventure, Conspiracy, Mythology, Paranormal, Supernatural
 Length: 284 pages
 Publisher: Gnostic Dementia Press
 Publication Year: 2016

From Michigan to the Indian Ocean and the last, lost island of Kumari Kandam…the hunt is on!


eth Huber hasn’t much, a temp data entry clerk whose boss hates him; an ex-girlfriend that has run off with another woman, and an ambivalent desire to get out of town.

Then Seth’s long dead father, Wade, erupts from a hidden fallout shelter beneath his childhood home, only to get himself bludgeoned to death by a rioting mob. Suspicion turns on Seth as the government needs to place blame for the riot Wade may have triggered. Rescued from the State by the agents of the secretive and villainous Dr. Chum Fu Na the pursuit of Seth and the encrypted documents Wade left him explodes across an unsuspecting world.

This globe-trotting comic adventure, with splashes of satire and bags of improbable action, races to prevent the Doctor from achieving his goal of world domination…meanwhile, Seth would like to hook up with the beautiful, but duplicitous, Dulce Cavendish whilst avoiding death at the hands of Dr. Chum, his ex-girlfriend, and world governments. Perhaps squeezing in a bit of sight-seeing along the way.

Have a care of the Ninja; Ismaili Assassins; SJW; errant shamans, and the Shambhala alchemist!

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