5 effects of social media on people

Social media has been a game-changer in the lives of people. Teens are wasting their time instead of creating hobbies and on the hand, adults are passing time instead of working. Let I tell you some problems with social media like Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, Twitter.

1. Forgetting to live in the moment

At present time if we go on an adventure we are more likely to capture everything for a snap chat or Instagram rather than enjoy the moment. Even if there’s a breathtaking scenery in front of us we would see that through a phone or a small cam screen, Going on a road trip was fun without time lapsing every mile, Water ride was fun without vlog our feeling about the ride which we never enjoyed any of them because of social media. Damn, we are failing to live in the moment.

2. Sleepless

Scrolling up and down, watching unnecessary content until midnight is leaving us sleepless which causing serious health problems. Being awake during the day time but still, our brain is not functioning and processing anything. It is us who are spoiling the natural habitat of the human body by waking up to watch useless content on social media.

3. Seeking approval from strangers

Two words like and comment have become everything in our lives. Seeking attention towards us and getting approved by unknown strangers. Even if we are eating or shitting we are using snap chat or Instagram to capture it. Social media has wiped our self-esteem and thrown into the garbage.

4. Depressions due to cyber bullying

Physical bullying is gone, current day trend is to bully someone on social media humiliating them to such an extent that they are depressed and are not able to recover. Physical injury can be cured without leaving a scar but depression can’t is cured without leaving a scar. Nowadays cyber bullying has left teens lifeless.

5. No time to spare for actual family and friends

We can agree that the increasing use of technology has pushed away our family time with our loved ones. Going on live for some kind of social media to some strangers has brought us happiness rather than being in the life of our family and friends. Reunions are nothing but sharing location or food on social media right now.

If only we had some spirit left in us to keep aside the social media for some moments in our life and enjoy the life.