Apple’s ‘planned obsolescence’ isn’t going as planned

I don’t quite get this. I think Apple’s iOS is in much better shape than the Android phone and tablet market, with a significantly higher perecntage of older devices using the current version of the software with its new features and continuing on happily, often being passed around families as someone upgrades. I’m using a late 2013 iPad Air 128Gb and it continues to work great. I covet an iPad Pro, but I’m not being forced in to buying one with some new hardware feature I desperately need. My old iPad 2 is working fine for my wife, and I’m sure my first generation iPad is in use by someone, somewhere courtesy of those nice people at CEX.

Product lifecycles are a fact of business life, but I think Apple is in much better shape than its direct competition. That’s not to say they are perfect, by the way —I definitely have issues with the 2016 new MBP range and associated price hike, but that’s a nother topic.

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