Five Reasons to Love NYC

We never said living in this great city was easy, but it sure is worth it.

The People:

People in New York are different. You have the eccentric ones, the hipsters, business men and women, pompous upper class, families, activists, and students. There’s no “normal” in New York, which is why everyone melts right in together.

The Parks:

People think New York is nothing but skyscrapers, but nestled between these buildings are little parks pretty enough to be in movies. Some boast beautiful fountains, others modern art, but they’re all a relaxing escape from the noise.

The Food:

Indian, Chinese, Moroccan, Italian, sweet, greasy, healthy…you want it? New Yorks got it!

The Sleeplessness:

Go to Time Square at 2am and you wont even realize it’s nighttime. Want pizza delivered to you at three in the morning? You got it. New York never sleeps, and it’s just absolutely great.

The Work:

Whether you want to be a Wall Street Broker, PR Assistant, Artist, or own you own coffee shop, New York is where it can happen!

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