Sight set on Adventure

Marvelous views captured by Instagramers you should be following!

Steve @backpackersteve:

A photographer from Germany, Steve’s pictures are beautiful landscapes from around the world. We love his spacious mountain views that seem to calm us as week scroll through his page.

Oliver Vegas @ovunno:

Oliver is from Bercelona, Spain. His pictures seem as though they are from a world-travel site and feature himself going on adventures, his friends, and mysterious foggy landscapes. His photos have a beautiful rustic feel to them as well!

Sam Horine @samhorine:

wSam is a New York City based photographer who mainly focuses on pictures of his home city. Whether it’s the skyline at night, or a simple street Downtown, Sam captures the beauty of New York perfectly.

Hiroaki Fukuda @hirozzzz:

Hiroaki focuses his pictures on Asian countries and cities like Tokyo. He has a great diversity of pictures that include city scapes, small villages, and majestic mountains, each taken with a skilled eye.

Kristen Alana @kristenalana:

Kristen photographs much more than landscapes, yet all her photos are unique and filled with adventure. They have been featured in places such as HarpersBazzar, Elle, and Huffington Post. She also always keeps viewers up to date on where she is, and where she will be next!