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Photo of the Hacktoberfest logo.
Photo of the Hacktoberfest logo.
Photo from Hacktoberfest.

Fall is here, and so are all of its pumpkin spice-filled shenanigans. That also means that it is time for Hacktoberfest! You might ask, “What is that?” Hacktoberfest is a month-long event hosted by DigitalOcean, DEV, and Intel. It is a push to get new developers to contribute to open source projects.

Why participate? Well, the first 70,000 people to commit four pull requests this month (after registering at the Hacktoberfest website) will get a free T-shirt! They are really nice T-shirts and tend to come with cool stickers too.

Finding an Issue

Find an issue! Thankfully, the members of GitHub and the Hacktoberfest team have made this super simple. First, you will want to search for the Hacktoberfest tag in the search bar of GitHub and select all of GitHub. Next, you will want to filter this down to Issues and then Open issues. Sort by new and pick what language you want to contribute to from the left sidebar. Alternatively, you can use this link that has all the settings selected. …

If you’re wondering it is a scam

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By Forsage Tron.io

Two people had invited me to join their Zoom meeting for Forsage Tron before I finally decided to attend one. Full disclosure I am always critical of ventures like these. They tend to promise you will be able to make enormous amounts of money but the reality is only a few people ever make that money.

What They Claim They Are

Limit the number of times someone accesses your content before needing to sign in

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Just recently I’ve started working with creating pages on Bubble.io but there was one thing I found very frustrating. I wanted to limit the number of times a non-subscriber could view our content within a month. This turned out to be a very frustrating endeavor but none the less here is how I ended up going about it.

Data Model

The data is as simple as can be. We will track the IP address, current month, and IP address of the user. Each time the user clicks on our video card we will iterate a counter for the month.

We create our table and are naming it…

Stop constantly modifying your web scrapers

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Photo from Raconteur.

Web scrapers are a ton of fun. What isn’t so fun is constantly modifying code as elements change on the web pages. That is why I set out to create a better web scraping project — one that could be updated to scrape new websites with minimal edits.

The first step was separating each part of the web scraper into separate logical pieces:

  1. Page requester
  2. Page validator
  3. Templated page processor

Page Requester

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Source: Imgur

Web scraping is a favorite past time of many programmers. I feel like 2 out of 3 projects I get involved with end up needing me do web scraping. That being said I have seen a LOT of bad web scraping scripts. Even worse is there are people actually charging for code with these issues.

1. Don’t Hard Code Session Cookies

And Why You May Not Want One

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Source: Business Wire

As a young developer, everyone wants to work at one of the FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google). I did too, but after interviewing and getting an offer I realized what I wanted was to know I could. I will tell you how you can get through your interview and give you several resources to help you be successful. Finally, I will share why I didn't end up going to work for Amazon.

Getting the Interview

The first step to getting into a FAANG company is getting the interview. …

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I know. What the heck. For those who don't know a few months ago, I wrote the article, “Stop Writing Crap Code”. It is one of the best articles I have written. Today, I am going to make a small revision: it is okay to write crap code, occasionally.

This past week many different websites have removed their subscription requirement and opened their content to the public. This is because of the coronavirus quarantine. Being the data junkie that I am I saw this opportunity and decided to run with it. The only problem? The clock is ticking. …

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Source: Monty Python

Article available in Polish here.

I know what you are thinking… What… Why would anyone ever want to do this? My friend who is learning Python mentioned that he wanted to build a text-based role-playing game and it got me thinking. It’s been seven years since I tried to build my last text-based “game” monty.py which was just a simple Monty Python skit. That’s why I am giving it another go to create a text-based role-playing game engine in python.

First thing first we need to set up our expectations. …

A short story exposing the nature of software engineering

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Source: Steemit

I have been working as a professional software engineer for just around 4 years as I write this article. I love it. There are always new challenges and technologies which really keep me on my toes. Going through university I had this grand idea of what being a software engineer would be like. My vision involved sitting at a whiteboard solving difficult algorithm problems while sipping coffee with my peers. While that may be the case sometimes, here is a story to show what software engineering is really like.

3 Months to Add Nickname

For the last three months I have been working on a project for our business. I was asked to add a nickname feature to our software. Makes enough sense. Much of what we do involves interacting with our customers and many people use nicknames instead of their real names. For example, someone named Robert may go by Bob. We want to make sure we call him Bob but if we charge his card we need to keep Robert on file because that is his legal name. …

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Source: Inverse.com

Python lists are beautifully dynamic data structures. They are the choice data structure for so many things, so it is of the utmost importance to be conscious of the speed of each operation. This is commonly referred to as the Big O or time complexity of the solution.

List Creation

There are many ways to create arrays in python so let's take a look at which take the least time. Here is the setup we used:

List Comprehensions are the first method for creating arrays. They are simple and easy to read which makes them just as easy to write.

listComp = [i for i in range(0…


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