Courier service companies are booming around the world. According to Accenture, they are projected to grow by nine percent annually, to amount up to a whopping $343 Billion globally by 2020. Technological innovation incourier service is making the headlines, and the market is becoming highly competitive. Digitally-connected customers are believers of instant gratification, ease-of-use, and seamlessness. Delivery options are no longer an exception to this rule. Can you make Cheap Parcel Delivery Service a reality? Are you scaling your International Courier Services wing? If not, now’s a good time.

The rise of E-commerce has imposed this disruption among Parcel Delivery Service providers, and in retrospect, it is widening the gap among big & small players in the market. Which is why staying ahead of the curve is rather essential today. Seventy-seven percent of retailers in Asia and North America are considering increasing their investment in delivery tech over the next two years. So, what are the various trends that could prevail?


Accenture’s report claims that the significance of B2C trade will continue to grow. Probably up to an extent where it will surpass B2B revenue. As mentioned earlier, it all boils down to appease the customer, and making the process faster, cheaper, and easier for them. In fact, the report also claims that 80% of retailers witnessed a positive impact on their customers when they were provided with multiple delivery options.


While it is currently a novelty, it will soon be an expected commodity. Parcel Delivery companies and warehouses are scaling their supply chain to be capable of executing this service on demand. The future definitely looks good for the customer.


Self-driving trucks and Real-time logistics are being eyed by parcel delivery service providers around the world.The automation that comes with the former, and data treatment that comes with the latter is too good to resist. Real time logistics is already evident among major players, who are harnessing real time data to expedite the process and make the most of their deliveries. Another trend which is on the radar is drone technology. The word on the street is that with drones, forget same day deliveries, 30 minutes will be all it takes. Ordering lunch? Why not order an iPhone with it?

If you’re a delivery service provider, we hope you’re keeping up with the trends. If you’re a customer, watch out for the best in the lot! DTDC Canada is a leading Courier Service in Canada across countries in the U.S, in U.K, Singapore, and Canada. Reach out to us for timely, affordable and reliable delivery services.

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