How often does it happen, that you send an urgent parcel and it doesn’t reach on time? Do you have to leave all your work aside and take out time to deliver the parcel to the courier office? You keep calling the Parcel delivery companies to know the status of your parcel but don’t receive a satisfactory response? What is the solution? A trusted International Courier Services in Canada that excels in terms of service and technology. We give you a few reasons as to why you should choose a trusted international parcel delivery.

  1. Last Minute Delivery Needs
    A trusted Parcel Delivery Service in Canada caters to all your last-minute delivery needs. They let you book the parcel from the comfort of your home and pick it up from the given address. They take the urgency into consideration and offer same day delivery options.Cost Effective

2. Cost Effective
 We all know how expensive sending international couriers can get. Courier services provide a lot of offers and customization options that help you save money. They also courier perishable and fragile items with great care.

3. Real Time Tracking
Calling Parcel and Courier Service in Canada to enquire about the status of your delivery often goes in vain. International courier service providers let you track your package and know its exact location and an expected time of delivery.

4. E-commerce Fulfilment
If you are E-commerce business, logistics must be the biggest challenge for you. An E-commerce business sends out hundreds of national and international parcels every day. Courier service providers take care of all your logistic needs. From warehousing to return package management, they do it all.

5. Reach Every Corner of your Country
 Professional Courier companies have large networks and cover every inch of your country. Even if you have a parcel that needs to go to the remotest town, they will deliver it for you.

For all your national and international couriers, and international freight in Canada, trust DTDC. To know more about DTDC, Visit http://canada.dtdc.com/

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