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Illustration: Ximena Cuenca

This post is part of an ongoing series about design at scale. Read “Driving Quality and Consistency at Scale” by Ken Skistimas, “Doing Design at Scale” by Lucinda Burtt and “Creating Stable Design Systems at Scale” by Sean Blanton.

The tools that digital and graphic designers use worldwide today have their roots in a system as old as the profession itself: layers. …

When I first joined the Dropbox Design team, most of our work was stored in the aptly-named “Design” Dropbox shared folder. The folder was shared amongst the Design team, as well as a number of non-design folks.

This system worked very well when the company was small, but Dropbox isn’t a small company any more. As a result of the liberal sharing of this folder, there were a number of problems that I and other members of the folder kept running into:

  • It was unclear to members what belonged in the Design folder; are banner ads the responsibility of the Design team, or the Marketing team? …


Daniel Eden

Design Systems Lead at Facebook. Erstwhile Designer and Engineer at Dropbox.

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