Who moved my cheese, 1Password?
Kenn White

Thank you so much for writing this, Kenn. I greatly appreciate it as I find this medium much easier to follow than Twitter. 🙂

It’s awesome that you’ve taken the time to read our White Papers and have helped scrutinize the design decisions we’ve made. Security is a process and we’re constantly improving things whenever possible. The Secret Key we added for Two-Secret Key Derivation is an example where we’re really pushing the envelope to help ensure that the data we store on our servers are completely useless, even for those users that use Master Passwords like “donkeykong” 😉

I’m happy you’ve raised your concerns and I’ve very grateful that you want AgileBits to thrive. It means a lot to me. I hope we can make things work for you again and allow you to once again recommend 1Password loudly and proudly. I look forward to learning from you and seeing how best we can move forward.

Thanks again!

Love a happy 1Password maker,


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