Flame retardant textiles Overview

A resilient advancement of new technology and new products and materials in the field of flame retardation has been demonstrated that addresses the needs of new productions such as computing, electronics, and telecommunications. Flame-retardants are used in intravenous pumps, hospital beds, Hospital curtains, and are also used in medical environments. To meet the new product and market demands, new flame retardant systems are required.

The evaluation and explanation of these flame retardant textiles need the involvement of new regulations, standards, and test methods, as well as instruments. The flame industry is facing a new challenge with these new regulations. With the rapidly changing economic situation of new fibers, the manufacturer today needs to be fully aware of the new regulation and its products and processes.

Synthetic polymers have largely replaced the application of wood, glass and other metallic materials in our homes, offices, automobiles and other public areas by the companies which adopt the latest technology in providing superior products with the best balance of properties at the lowest possible cost.

Flame retardant textiles are chemically coated textiles that are used to inhibit or suppress the combustion process on fabrics. Fire retardants at various phases, such as during heating, decomposition, ignition of flame spread, interfere with combustion. Fire is the reaction of the oxygen gas with heat provided by the source.

As with any solid, the temperature of a textile material which is exposed to a heat source is rising. The pyro-lytic decomposition of the fiber substrate will be achieved if the heat temperature in the source will be a radiative gas and is high enough to penetrate the fibers. Natural as well as synthetic fibers are flame-retardant textiles and can be added to create different types of blends effectively.

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