A New Chapter

It is with a lot of excitement—and a healthy dose of nostalgia—that I announce the sale of Hello Scout to Luxico today.

Let me start by saying that we are thrilled to have sold to such a great company. We’ve been so impressed by the Luxico team and believe that they sit on a huge opportunity. Sure, this isn’t the IPO I pictured when I started the business 3+ years ago, but that’s part of what has made this such a great experience.

And even more exciting is that we have succeeded at doing what we set out to: building a product that has—and will continue to—help travelers to take trips that are more spontaneous, relaxing and unique. We worked hard and learned a ton. More than I thought was possible. And we met and worked with so many impressive people.

I’ve never been happier working on anything in my life.

And I’ve never worked with a better group of people. Saying goodbye to a team that operates together so well and at such high capacity is perhaps the hardest part of moving on to the next chapter.

Luxico, a luxury vacation rental business out of Australia, has built an impressive business. They operate in the vein of OneFineStay but are committed to using real concierges to differentiate the guest experience and it’s paying off for them — they’re the largest vacation rental company in Australia and growing fast.

Luxico will use our technology to add efficiency and scale to their concierge business. It’s a natural fit and it’s awesome that our technology will continue to improve people’s vacations.

I don’t know what comes next. But for today, I’m happy with what we’ve accomplished. I’m proud of this team and proud of the product we built. And looking forward to what comes next.

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