Developing for the Modern Web

Developing modern web applications can be a daunting process, and justifiably so.

Even a simple to-do app is composed of many distinct technologies that are carefully stitched together to make a functional application. For more complex web applications like Medium, the technology stack spans all of the following:

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Database
  3. Back-End Logic
  4. Front-End Logic
  5. CSS/UI
  6. Version Control

Don’t get scared!

Each layer of the technology stack used in a modern web application will be covered in-depth over the course of a series of posts:

Part 1: Infrastructure: Google Cloud Platform for scalable and reliable infrastructure on “The Cloud” backed by Google’s infrastructure.

Coming Soon
Part 2
: Database: SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL.

Part 3: Back-End Logic: Flask and WebApp2 for bridging the gap between Python and HTTP(S).

Part 4: Front-End Logic: The current state of the Javascript Ecosystem (out-dated as of tomorrow).

Part 5: CSS/UI: Bootstrap to Material Design

Part 6: Version Control: Git, Mercurial and Subversion