For Japan, Air-to-Air Fighters Trump Other Jets
War Is Boring

Japan’s national security conundrum is that they have relied on other’s and cannot protect themselves from revisionist Marxist dictatorships, like the PRC and the DPRK, because their historical provider of security since the Second World War, the United States, is itself governed by a revisionist Marxist tyrannical political party, that is in the process of dismantling the post-war security environment it created with so much blood and toil.

Surely, a nation like Japan, with its long history of adaptation, engineering, and technological excellence, can produce a fifth generation fighter every bit as capable as the Russian’s can build, or the Chinese can steal. In the 21st Century, they cannot count on the United States to be their guarantor of security, because the Obama Dictatorship is in the process of dismantling the international security infrastructure that led to the collapse of International Socialism in the 1980s and 1990s by surrendering to the Global Jihad, implementing catastrophic socialist economic policies, waging war against American society by allowing men to marry men and putting men with mental disorder’s in little girls restrooms, attacking its citizen’s fundamental right to defend themselves, and dismantling the once great country that was the United States of America. If I were the Defense Minister of Japan, I would seek to create the naval, air, military, industrial, scientific, technological, and cultural abilities necessary to defend one’s self against a foreign enemy, unreliant upon a foreign patron. Not rely on a feckless and pathetic tyrant destroying a once great nation.

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