Marketers will break anything

If you make it, a marketer will find a way to break it. We all know it. I can’t help but see how marketing has intercepted every part of the online space — e-mails, social media, pre-roll ads, display ads and search engine marketing. Consumers are bombarded with advertisements everyday — from multi-million dollar campaigns to display ads made by marketing “gurus” using Canva (of all things).

Advertisements are everywhere. Usage of ad blockers increases every year and in 2016, usage of ad blockers rose another 30%. Traditional publishers are struggling to stay afloat with decreasing revenues and the push for lower CPMs by their advertising partners.

The article linked above features two prominent advertisements and links from Taboola. Your mileage may vary because of the advertisements you receive.

Until last week, I had an ad-blocker enabled. I turned off my ad-blocker because some of my favorite websites such as Wired, The Atlantic, and even blogs lead with messages to be added to my whitelist of acceptable sites. My choice to experience the web with the 36% of millennials that are not using an ad blocker (on mobile, desktop or both) hasn’t been the greatest. Many websites must use several advertisements to achieve their revenue goals, often ruining the user experience in the process. After a week without an ad-blocker, I’m ready to go back.

Display and pre-roll advertising is cumbersome, slow and is in dire need of a renaissance. It’s still unseen how the move from HTML5 from Flash will affect the wider online advertising industry. Until then, publishers can work directly with digital agencies and advertisers to ensure higher CPMs and limits for the numbers of advertisements users must interact with. Are traditional methods of web publishing failing or are consumers moving towards better user experiences?

Here is my proposal to publishers — don’t let marketers break your websites.