Battle of the Ballers: Champagne Alert!

Moet&Chandon Dom Perignon , Arman de Brignac Ace of Spades, and Louis Roderer Cristal , are 3 of the most mentioned champagnes amongst hip hops finest. Ranging from Nas to Jay-Z, there are a wide range of hip hop artist and celebrities who celebrates with top notch champagnes. I personally have not had the opportunity to indulge in any of these various types of champagnes that are must haves for many celebs. However, I hope one day that I’ll be able to bring in my birthday popping bottles of Dom Perignon too! As I took a look at the various social media sites of these very popular champagne brands, I noticed something which made Dom Perignon stand out amongst the rest. I mean, besides the fact that Drake sent Charlamagne 6 bottles of Dom Perignon with the request of “Lets be friends!” Oh, and not to mention that Dom Perignon White Gold is voted the number 1 champagne. When compared to other leading champagne brands, Dom Perignon also takes the crown in social media presence.

Social media today is being used for almost everything, because it is used as an outlet to advertise for most businesses. However, why is that Moet & Chandon’s Dom Perignon, has its own following on social media while other popular champagne brands do not? Is it not that important to other champagne brands to have their own indivuduality separate from their house of champagne? Oh! I get it,they simply are just not big enough to stand on their own? One critique that I have for Dom Perignon , is that they do not have a twitter account. This could be implemented for the brand, however Dom Perignon standing alone still takes the lead in facebook and instagram following and they surpass other well known champagne brands. This is the advantage that Dom Perignon has over the others.

Now on to the next very popular and ranked one of the best champagnes, Armand De Brigand Champagn Ace of Spades, a name that has been dropped by several rappers still does not have its own media outlet. The house of champagne, Armand De Brigand Champagne, however does. A brand popularized by celebrities through songs and pictures, there are regular people like myself who simply knows about the brand by default.

The amount of times brands have been referenced in a song

Another popular brand Louis Roderer Cristal Champagne, is another champagne that falls behind on social media when compared to Dom Perignon. I am confused why champagne brands that are so popular amongst celebrities do not have their own outlets. A champagne that is frequently mentioned and seen in pictures all over various blogs whenever there is a celebration, they lack their own social media outlets.

“I keep it realer than most, I know you feelin’ it/Cristal on ice, I like to toast, I keep on spilling it” — Jay-Z, Feelin’ It.

I feel that brands such as Cristal and Ace of Spades, could really multiply their presence on social media which could result in more revenue for the company. As you can see, all of these brands have the ability to stand alone simply by just mentioning their names. Other than Dom Perignon standing alone on social media, they have also surpassed each brand on all social media outlets when it comes to followers.

So for other champagne brands, a few words of advice, “follow the leader!” We are potential buyers and we want to see you on social media too!

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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