The Accolade-Knighthood

The ceremony of knighthood is a culmination of rituals and practices that take place over the course of three days. The day before the actual ceremony involves feasts and fellowship with other knights and royalty to discuss the responsibilities of a knight. That same night, the young man isolates himself to indulge in prayer and fasting to be pure enough to take on the role as a knight. The day of the ceremony, the knight receives gifts such as swords, shields etc. all with symbolic meaning. The day after the ceremony a tournament is held to showcase the newly inducted knights skills among his peers.

Becoming a knight is part of a process that starts as a young boy until he transitions into manhood and becoming a noble servant of the King. These men transition from the common person into royalty when becoming a knight. It is very honorable and humbling to have been chosen to be of such high stature and is taken very seriously by him and his family.

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