The volume of exports of developing countries is growing at the fastest pace


The Bank of England made it clear that it is preparing to raise interest rates to contain inflation in the UK. Thus, the three largest central banks — the Fed, the ECB and the Bank of England — for the first time in recent years, are moving in one direction, namely, they end the post-crisis era of soft monetary policy. Read more

Strengthening the euro puts pressure on exporters from the eurozone and could affect the ECB’s plans to wind down monetary incentives. Read more

The volume of exports of developing countries is growing at the fastest pace for six years against the backdrop of the global economic recovery. Read more

Venezuela will no longer use dollars to export and import oil and oil products. Instead, she wants to switch to trades with traders in euros to circumvent US sanctions. Read more


There are more and more questions about how antitrust authorities will consider the merger of suppliers of aviation equipment United Technologies and Rockwell Collins. Read more

The US authorities accuse the Californian company Perfectus Aluminum of illegal import of aluminum from China. They suspect that the company is owned by the Chinese tycoon Liu Zhongtian. Previously, it was associated with the creation of a giant aluminum warehouse in Mexico. Read more


Shares of value can not outrun the stock market in recent years. Some analysts and investors predict their revival against the backdrop of the rally in global stock markets. But shares of value usually become more expensive with the fastest economic growth, and the US has problems with it. Red more

Large banks in Japan, Canada and Europe lag behind the US in using technology to automate operations and reduce costs, according to the study Autonomous. Read more

To prevent the restoration of Florida after the hurricane “Irma” may shortage of insurance agents. Read more

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