This is a transcript of Episode 1, “Intro to The Why And The What,” from The Why And The What — Product Management Podcast.

Hi, and welcome to “The Why And The What,” a podcast on Product Management. My name is Daniel Kahn, and I am your host for this series where we’re going to be doing a dive into Product Management by having conversations with the people who know it best. …

Writing DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) code (markup, or styles) is a core concept of efficient and maintainable development. If you are repeating yourself, there’s likely a better way of addressing the challenge you’re solving. Headers and footers shared across multiple pages are prime candidates for a DRY method as they repeat in an identical fashion.

I’ve been building multi-page sites which have the same header and footer on each page of the site. I was finding myself copying and pasting the HTML for the header and footer to each page so that these sections would be hard coded on each…

Daniel Kahn

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