How to Learn React VR

On April 18, 2017, the world changed forever… Ok that was a bit dramatic. But Facebook did make a huge decision. It officially introduced ReactVR to the world.

With ReactVR, we can now use React.js concepts and web development principals to develop virtual reality applications!

Even before the launch of ReactVR, frameworks like Unity gave coders all the ability to create virtual reality apps. The Virtual Reality scene was on the rise. Now with ReactVR, startups and companies will release even more products around virtual and augmented reality ideas. Undoubtedly, VR is the future. So perhaps ReactVR is likewise the future of VR development.

Luckily, ReactVR is not so complicated. Everything in a ReactVR project boils down to re-usable components. These components come together like legos, that brick by brick, compose an entire project.

Check out this snapshot from a 3D Weather Simulator built in React-VR. Here, you can see many components working together:

The Pano component gives the 360° San Francisco background.

A Model component creates the 3D cloud.

Text components shows the info in the Card.

The Card is a custom component created for this application.

Ultimately, all these components and a few more come together to create the full Weather Simulator project…

So perhaps you already know React.js and want to now explore ReactVR. Or maybe you already know a bit of JavaScript. Or you’re new to both. Regardless, if you’re thinking about learning ReactVR, do it! Get on the forefront of innovation. Adopt it while it’s still new. Become one of the first to have it in your skill-set.

So if you want to take the dive, please consider taking my Udemy course on the subject. I did nothing but create this ReactVR tutorial since the framework launched. It contains lessons on many of the components in ReactVR, and has 3 full example applications. You’ll make a touring application, a game, and this article’s featured Weather Simulator.

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All right, let’s get started coding!

David Katz is a computer science student at the University of San Francisco. In his spare time, he creates Udemy courses on subjects like React.js, JavaScript, Vue.js, and more. He has over 44,000 students on his online tutorials.

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