Cuba Libre is actually my first favorite cocktail and it made a huge impact in my life mainly because it opened my eyes in the world of rum. Before I got in depth with bartending, I first tried to use different kinds of rum into my cuba libre and that’s when I realize that cuba libre is not just rum and coke, there is something bigger than that.

Whenever I imbibe a Cuba Libre, I get different kind of notes from the rum. So it’s very important what kind of rum you are using, personally I like Bacardi oakheart and Captain Morgan because spiced rum blends well with cola.

When you know more about what you’re drinking, you tend to have a different perspective about it. Thus, you’re not just drinking to get drunk , you’re drinking to enjoy the drink itself.


Around 1901/1902 in Havana, Cuba during the spanish-american war a group of american soldiers was drinking inside a bar in old havana. One messenger saw Captain Russel ordered a Bacardi gold rum topped with Cola on ice with a wedge of lime.

The Captain drank the concoction with pure pleasure that it got the interest of the soldiers around him. They had the Bartender prepare a round of the captain’s drink for them.

The Bacardi Rum and coke was an instant hit as it does to this day. The drink united the people inside the bar, when they ordered another round, one patron suggested that they toast “POR CUBA LIBRE!” in celebration to the newly freed cuba. OKAY?

Spiced Cuba Libre

this is my own variation by the way

Captain Morgan spiced rum

Vanilla Simple Syrup

Star Anise

Cinnamon stick

Lime Wedges


Procedure: Muddle Star anise and Cinnamon stick then Lime, pour in base and syrup, drop ice cubes then top with cola. Garnish with cinnamon stick or lime peel.

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