I will never apologize for being a beer snob.

I will never apologize for being a beer snob. If we are at a bar with a decent selection of beer and you order a apple flavored San Miguel beer — I’m judging you. Or worse, if you order a Tanduay ice or a Gilbey’s thinking you’re making a wise decision, I may actually just stop being your friend. But seriously, apple flavored beer? Try a cider, it’s actually made out of apples.

Once you hit 21, it is your responsibility to explore the kinds of booze you like and those you don’t like. This goes for liquor as well, but I think beers are a little more intimidating. If you just take the time to learn a little bit, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to know what you are talking about. And you’ll definitely be surprised at how great a beer can be.

So get out there and drink, people! There are too many beers in the world to be ordering a freaking apple flavored beer.

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