Slowly but surely, Apple is reclaiming real estate on my home screen.

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With the introduction of iCloud syncing between devices, my iOS home screens have become an identity of sorts. As the devices themselves have evolved and shifted in shape over defined periods — usually two year increments for myself — the home screen and it’s arrangement of applications is more organic. Each persons home screen is unique in it’s logic and arrangement. Often Apple fans & followers are mocked for their lack of originality — all iPhones look the same as each other and each increment look all but indistinguishable from the last. But as soon as…

The last decade has seen revolutions in the sports of cycling and running — these revolutions have been influenced, encouraged and utilied by brands such as Rapha & Nike to build a following that has swelled into a movement for the sports and their champion brands.


Cycling has undergone somewhat of a resurgence. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of people embracing the bicycle, for recreation, sport or as their primary form of transport.

Cycling has always had ‘tribes.’ …

What we can learn from outside our industry.

Creating interfaces that rely on overloading users with tooltips that hold their hands throughout the experience, is not only evidence of bad practice, but it is teaching our users that this is an acceptable and expected experience.

If confronted with an interface that expects some light work of the user it elicits fear and swift abandonment, ‘What do you want me to do? What if I break something…I’m scared.’

With digital experiences evolving at an increasingly rapid pace there has been a relatively small amount of time to ‘onboard’ a generation to the strange new world of digital interaction. …

Slapton Sands – A long time coming

…and back to again.

It took a while to encourage everyone that it was still a good idea…

An idea that gestated when dad took the plunge and bought himself a new bike. We had flirted with the idea of group rides between my dad, my brother in law (Ben) and myself for a while but it had never quite happened for a multitude of reasons.

However, through ‘Al’ – a family friend – a catalyst had been set. Al had entered into the draw to ride the Prudential Ride 100 in August. I had ridden the mass cycling event in 2015 and regaled…

Rosie, Marceline & Susan.

‘We were way cooler with our baggy jeans and shoulder length hair…’

Starting my bike life on the smaller wheels of BMX, I grew up in the woods – digging trails with my best friend. Spending our every spare moment sculpting dirt to an obsessive level, stopping only briefly to comment on the ‘ridiculous’ Sunday pelotons in their tight lycra suits. We were way cooler than them, with our baggy jeans and shoulder length hair…

‘…throwing ourselves off of drops beyond our skill levels…’

Graduating to the world of trails and mountain bikes the focus was the same — hanging…

Long Good Night

Bright lights pierce the horizon.

They weave their way down the dark lanes towards us, outlining the sweeping contours of the suffolk countryside. The lights draw nearer, their sources grow in silhouette before the welcome sight of another human being is fully formed in your weary gaze.

‘Digital Reading’ needs to learn from it’s past but adapt to each platform.

My thoughts on digital reading…

While researching for a project to re-design a digital news platform I made the following notes on reading and the screen.

Why don’t we have massive line lengths? We don’t as its too hard to read, and our eyes tire before we reach the end.

Instead we manage large bodies of copy into columns. But these don’t stream on continuously, they are cut into separate, multiple chunks of copy. …

Riding on a part of London.

Some of my first memories of London are on a ‘Boris Bike’ or more accurately, a ‘Barclays Bike.’ Whilst this started off as a novelty, something that the early press shots illustrate nicely, it quickly developed into something more. Hugely convenient, they transport people through the capital quickly and efficiently on a daily basis and whats more are available night or day. Nothing has been more successful in growing the number of cyclists within the capital.

What’s more is the riders you see on Boris bikes are a vast audience, not reserved exclusively to…

London – Cambridge

Returning Bosom Oscar to Cambridge via bicycle was an idea spawned from midweek monotony.

Bosom Will and I schemed that we would surprise Oscar with this adventure upon his arrival to London. All that was shared is the requirement that he brings his bicycle, nothing more. He presumed that we would take a leisurely (potentially cloudy) ride around the sights of the capital, he did not expect to smash his previous cycling distance record by almost 100km.

Fuel for the ride at Look Mum No Hands

The morning of the ride we made sure that we treated the journey with respect and fuelled up at Look Mum No Hands with a…


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