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Slowly but surely, Apple is reclaiming real estate on my home screen.


Cycling has undergone somewhat of a resurgence. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of people embracing the bicycle, for recreation, sport or as their primary form of transport.

What we can learn from outside our industry.

Slapton Sands – A long time coming

…and back to again.

It took a while to encourage everyone that it was still a good idea…

An idea that gestated when dad took the plunge and bought himself a new bike. We had flirted with the idea of group rides between my dad, my brother in law (Ben) and myself for a while but it had never quite happened for a multitude of reasons.

Rosie, Marceline & Susan.

‘We were way cooler with our baggy jeans and shoulder length hair…’

Starting my bike life on the smaller wheels of BMX, I grew up in the woods – digging trails with my best friend. Spending our every spare moment sculpting dirt to an obsessive level, stopping only briefly to comment on the ‘ridiculous’ Sunday pelotons in their tight lycra suits. We were way cooler than them, with our baggy jeans and shoulder length hair…

‘…throwing ourselves off of drops beyond our skill levels…’

Graduating to the world of trails and mountain bikes the focus was the same — hanging…

‘Digital Reading’ needs to learn from it’s past but adapt to each platform.

Returning Bosom Oscar to Cambridge via bicycle was an idea spawned from midweek monotony.

Fuel for the ride at Look Mum No Hands


Designer & Cartography Arsonist

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