Moving on, not away…

Thanks to Facebook’s “On this Day” feature, I was reminded that I posted this six years ago, on October 26, 2009:

Quite a coincidence, because today, October 26, 2015, is my last Board of Education meeting as an employee of MCPS.

On November 16, I will begin a new position at the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), which is the research, evaluation, and data arm of the U.S. Department of Education. I’ll be around MCPS until next week and then will pass the PIO baton to the next person (who is yet to be determined).

As with pretty much any job transition, it’s bittersweet. On one hand, I’m really excited for the new challenge as the Director of Communications for IES, having the opportunity to help share the interesting, insightful work they do. For edugeeks, their website is a gold mine of data, reports, and information. Check it out.

However, there are many things that I will miss about working at MCPS. Most of all, I will miss working with the Office of Communications — a team that does a remarkable amount of work that is excellent and, IMHO, underappreciated. As with any team, it needs a great leader and we have a Chief Communications Officer, Brian Edwards, who is simply one of the best in the business. It’s been a privilege to work with him and the entire team. I will deeply miss spending my days with my work family in Public Information and Web Services. They not only do an outstanding job, but they are a kind and fun group of people and it’s been an honor to be their colleague.

I will also miss working with our district and school leaders and representing the outstanding teachers and support professionals in MCPS. There aren’t enough stories written or told about the outstanding job our employees do every day. Nor are there enough stories told about our amazing students. I have simply been amazed on a daily basis by the accomplishments of our students and how many of them have overcome major obstacles to earn an education and be successful.

I must say that I am partial to two particular students in Rockville, who happen to live in my house. For the record, they are disappointed I am leaving because they will no longer be the first kids in MCPS to know when school is canceled or delayed for snow — sorry, boys. (I should add I have a cousin who graduates from Damascus HS this year and she is pretty awesome, too.)

But because of my own students and because of what I have learned and seen over the past six years, I will continue to remain active in MCPS at the school and district level. What shape that takes, I’m not sure — but I’ll continue to be an advocate for one of the nation’s best school systems.

It’s been an honor to work for MCPS. Thank you for being a part of it.

Oh, and….