Don’t Be Lazy! — 3 Gmail Settings to Make Sure Are Being Used

It’s Preference, But Professionalism is Critical

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During 2007–2008, I worked for an consulting organization that had an insane focus on getting the “little” things right. My boss, the founder, drove this message home with me repeatedly and the message stuck (thanks Tom!).

People notice the little things — and when you don’t pay attention to them, you appear lazy. It’s that simple.

Email is an obvious one where this “laziness” comes through. So aside from the typical “subject line” and message conciseness tips, I have 3 Gmail tips that are simple, but so often missed!

  • Use a consistent font,
  • Provide an email signature, and
  • Activate the “Undo Send” capability!

Use a Consistent Font

Set your default font to your preference. I prefer Tahoma, Normal size. Here’s how you do it.

  • Click the Gear icon and select “Settings
Gmail → Select Gear icon → Click Settings
  • Select the “General” tab and scroll down to “Default Text Style
Gmail → General tab → Scroll down
Gmail → Select “Default text style

Change the default font settings. I set mine to Tahoma, with a “Normal” size font.

Provide an Email Signature

An email signature is the simplest way to make your information that you want folks to have access to easy to get at. And, keep in mind, that most people now view emails first on their mobile devices. So use links that they can tap on!

The information that is important to your audience is different than mine, but common considerations are:

  • Link to email address — tap to send me a new email.
  • Phone number — tap to call me.
  • Ability to download my business card — this is a link to my vCard, which can be added to the recipient’s contacts immediately.
  • Links to social profiles — one tap access.
Gmail → Scroll down to “Signature” — Set up your custom signature (& use links!)

Activate the “Undo Send” capability!

We have all done it — sent an email and immediately realized something; I included someone I shouldn’t have, I forgot to attach a file or link, etc.

Google provides the ability to “Undo” a sent email for a specific period of time (ranging from 5 to 30 seconds).

  • To activate this, select the “General” tab and scroll down to “Undo Send
Gmail → General tab → Undo Send
  • Let’s test this and see what happens…
Gmail — Sample email to test “Undo Send”
  • Immediately after sending email, a pop up appears at the top of the screen with the option to Undo what you sent. Click on Undo and the sent email will pop-up in edit mode.
Click “Undo” to retrieve email — 10 seconds for me

I would love to know if you have other “don’t miss” Gmail settings.

These three have made a dramatic difference for me and I highly recommend them!

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